Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Safeties

Say this today, an AR style AK safety, made by Sniper Handle. In general I tend to think of these style safeties that allow for thumb or index finger tabs as "training wheels" but if it is what you like check it out. For me though, I'm comfortable with the AK safety as is. Also the other things that would steer me clear of it is having to drill a larger hole for the safety post on the receiver, making it more difficult for FCG disassembly, it not working with side rails, underfolders, and thicker than 1mm receivers (although they are working on that last one). However if your AK fits into that niche and you like AR style safeties, this could be for you.

Awhile ago I blogged about the Black Horse Safety that I have dubbed the "teeter totter" style. Well Krebs came out with their own style of this a few months ago. The exception is that it doesn't have the index finger tab. It is marketed as a Saiga safety if you are keeping the standard stock on it. One other "advantage" depending on how you like to run your AK would be that it allows you to use it as a thumb safety left handed with a pistol grip and stock.


  1. Check out this lefty-Righty at

  2. No offense, but what is changed from my first link there?