Friday, February 5, 2010

New Teeter-totter ambi safety coming out in about a month!

Check out what Nutnfancy recorded but didn't talk much about (probably because he isn't a big time AK guy and realized what it could mean). RAAC is doing with a new Saiga 12 at about at time 24:08.

It has the same features as the Krebs and Blackjack safety but then takes it one step further and adds a back plate for lefthand thumb or even triger finger on a uncoverted Saiga for those that are stuck in not so free states (I live in a free State but I was dreaming up a similar mod if I bought a Saiga and left it unconverted for awhile). This should be drop in throughout AK models unlike the Galil style safety that Kreb's adds to some of his AKs

I think that you still need to be able to work the traditional AK safety, but I think this has a lot of merit on your fighting rifle. I'm using a Blackjack SWIFT lever (Krebs and Dinzang have similar options now that Blackjack doesn't sell these) on my go to AK already and can't wait to change it out to this. I'll still keep normal configuration on others that are traditional AKs and train with them still. I also must say that firing left handed is still plenty easy with standard safety too just hitting it with your right hand, but I'm ok having centeralized safety operations on the pet rifle I'd grab first.

One other issue I see is that in left thumb versus right fingers moment are opposite (thumbs up, fingers down) so it is a slightly different mental/physical process. Definitely not as simple for training, but the solution is mechanically simple on the other hand and I shouldn't take too much practice to overcome.

If you put it on an unconverted Saiga, then it is going to be opposite still with your right fingers. However instead of having the safety waaayyy out there on it I think it still would be a good option if you can't convert your Saiga where you live.

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