Tuesday, April 30, 2013

AK PMags

Good item to come back on!  Magpul has announced their AK PMAGs.  Their Facebook page has a little more info explaining that they will first have an AK MOE level all plastic magazine to go along with their previously announced AK MOE grip .  However, they are also working on a steel reinforced version for a later release.  Very interesting!  Good to finally see them embracing the AK market, lets hope the AG doesn't get to crazy with the Executive Order powers just given to him to control firearms imports as he sees fit and Magpul's move from Colorado goes smoothly.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

RS Regulate BM-1 Light mount out now

Now at Aim Surplus, should be available at Brownells any day now too!  I got to play with this some in the beta phase and must say it rocks and is just what RS Regulate does, a solid, simple upgrade that works.  Just like the AK platform!  I'll be getting one for review and if as good as the beta version, I already anticipated it being a permanent part of my gear on standard barrel diameter AKs.  My busy part of the year is kind of winding down and I will have more time to post reviews, like on it and some other products I have waiting to be given some range attention. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Damage Industries' V2 AK Handguard

You may remember they did a first generation of this railed handguard that was mostly available at Tactical Response.   I really liked the side rails up on the gas tube along with the pretty smooth and slim lower handguard.  This one will be even better since it has the movable side rails and should be lighter.  In general, Damage Industries doing some amazing stuff for other platforms, and already have some neat AK stuff like high quality US made springs and a flash hider I hope to review when I finally get a chance to do some night shooting with a collection of AK muzzle devices. 

Release from Damage Industries:
"Here's a sneak peek at the Damage Industries modular forearm rail assembly for the AK-47 platform.

Retail $159.95

Add-ons (not pictured) will include 7-slot accessory rail, 7-slot accessory rail with Quick-Detach socket, and cantilever optic rail that will not block use of standard fixed sights.

Variations will be available for RPK's, Yugoslavian AK-47's, and short-barreled Draco's and Krink's

Available hardcoat annodized in black, FDE, OD green and hard brown.

Shipping soon, so follow us for more details!"

They also have some more pictures up on their Facebook page.  Shows the rails down on the lower handguard as well.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

RS Regulate begining production on their barrel mount

Over at their Facebook page, RS Regulate has announced that they are starting the first production run of the BM-1 barrel mount.  Right now it will be for standard AK barrel diameters (.590"), but I believe there will be follow on mounts for other barrel diameters (like RPKs and MAK90s).  I had a chance to check one out in the beta testing, and like the rest of RS Regulate's products, it is simple, rugged, and effective.  Just like the AK itself!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Yugo PAP M92PV 7.62x39 Pistol starting to trickle in

So far I've only seen this in an email announcement at one retailer that already sold out, but it could be a very interesting Draco competitor/replacement if it makes it into the country in bigger numbers. Also it would make a very nice M92 conversion project for an SBR. Has the hinged upper dust cover like a Krinkov/Suchka/M92. I don't know if it has an underfolder trunnion like a Draco-C and if the muzzle has a shroud over the threads which could be 26mm if it is true to the M92, but if it does it would be a easy project.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

K-Var new slab side magazine with metal feed lip reinforcements

Just saw that K-Var now has a metal feed lip reinforced version of the Bulgarian slab side 7.62x39 AK magazine.

Sorry for the slow posting around here lately.  I am working on a few things like reviews of the Mission First Tactical grip and handguard, MD Arms Molot grip, and CNC Warrior Night Brake to name a few.  I'll post them up as soon as i get a chance to get out to the range again, my schedule just has allowed it.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Military Arms Channel Beryl Archer Review

I agree, a little disappointing that it doesn't come with the trademark Beryl features of the folding stock and top rail, but looks to be overall a great quality AK with 1" groups.  As Sturmgewehre points out, for a lot of people the quality won't be worth $1300 without some more Beryl features.  Also too bad they went with the slower twist barrel so it won't shoot 62 grain and up as well.  Why did they even notch the safety at point?  While I understand the tabbed safety thing, I don't really have a problem with chamber flagging the rifle if I need to instead of holding it open.  That is all a notched safety on an AK is good for unless you are getting ridiculously fancy with Yugo hold open followers and slapping up the safety before pulling the mag.