Thursday, June 17, 2010

Arsenal annouces first Saiga 12 gauge

Arsenal has only recently gotten into the Saiga market. On the shotgun side they only offered the .410 Saiga. They are now importing uncoverted Saiga 12 gauges, model number SGL12-01 and of course selling them through their distributor, K-Var. For awhile now Russian American Armory Company has been the only importers of 12 and 20 gauges after EAA stopped importing them.

US Palm AK Battle Grip at OST, 10 rounder AK30s shipping

The AK-BG (Battle Grip) is now for available at One Source Tactical for $30. Listed colors are Black, FDE, and brown. I won't be getting one until later this summer since my funds are tight right now.

The 10 rounder Ak30s are now available at Scottsdale Gun Club (parent company of US Palm)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

US Palm AK30 blocked to 10 rounds to be available soon

US Palm has announced 10 round blocked AK30s will be available soon. This is no surprise since they have said they intended to offer this for awhile. But it is still good to see them supporting the shooters that have to deal with California and other locations unfortunate laws. Overall, 10 rounder AK mags have been harder to find, with many of those then being of poor quality Since it is a regular AK30 body blocked to 10 rounds, it still looks like the normal sized AK mag which could be a plus for some shooters. However, the bad news is that they will cost about $5 more since they require different molds.

On the plus side it looks like US Palm will be considering some other colors for mags soon. My vote is still for foliage green, I think it works in the widest variety of environments and works well in my neck of the woods.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

US Palm AK Attack Rack Chest Rig ready to ship.

US Palm has the first shipment of Attack Rack chest rigs ready. Again with this launch, Gabe Suarez's One Source Tactical gets the first batch according to this thread. I'm not in the chest rig market so I won't be getting one of the first ones, but it looks like this will be great for almost everyone into AKs, even for you guys that aren't fans of AK30 mags.

Timbersmith wood stock set at retailers

The new laminate wood furniture from Timbersmith is starting to reach stores. Since they are US made, they count for 922r compliance. Timbersmith is a division of Tapco. I think black stock looks pretty nice! Note they are designed for Romanian rifles.

Ironwood Designs also has some great US made wood furniture and they even specialize is some oddball issues like slant cut MAK90 receivers.