Thursday, June 3, 2010

US Palm AK Attack Rack Chest Rig ready to ship.

US Palm has the first shipment of Attack Rack chest rigs ready. Again with this launch, Gabe Suarez's One Source Tactical gets the first batch according to this thread. I'm not in the chest rig market so I won't be getting one of the first ones, but it looks like this will be great for almost everyone into AKs, even for you guys that aren't fans of AK30 mags.

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  1. BeezCombatSystems AK47 Low Profile Chest Rig
    Chest harness system that securely holds five AK47 magazines in an open-pouch configuration using elastic pull tab retainers. MOLLE webbing across the expanse of this rig allows the operator to configure it for mission needs with any molle compatible pouches.