Monday, December 12, 2016

8M3 available at SGammo, what I've been up to

Just want to post this up since my ammo guide is one of my most popular posts, 8M3 7.62x39 is available:

They claim it is a special deal with Tula to bring back this "retro" load. My understanding of the rumors is that 8M3 has never stopped being produced in Russia but import of it has been questionable since Wolf ended their relationship with Ulyanovsk.  No matter if it is really "retro" or not SGammo can definitely be thanked for bringing it back in!  They claim to have an exclusive deal with Tula/Uly through 2017.

As for me, I'm coming back to the AK as my primary platform after 3 years of learning the AR.  I do believe if you are an American you should be able to to run an AR and happy for the experience and to have a few of them in the safe, but l am also happy to be back to the AK as my primary.   I have added another child, a son, since my last post, plus have worked a second jobs selling guns and other things so I have been busy. We'll see what the future brings for me and this blog but hopefully some more intermittent posting.  I'm happy to see where the AK community is at these days with all the options out there and guys like Tim at MAC and Robski at AKOU.  But it also seems like the quality of rifles has gone down as US production has became more of the market, which honestly doesn't surprise much.  Since I'm currently looking at the options for a plain Jane beater AK, and that part market seems dicer than ever.  We could complain about the details for the WASR-10 and others, but at least they would run.  Hopefully Cugir will start back up their US production line.


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