Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Attero Arms and Twisterx44 Responses

-AKMatt (Me)" What is your lead time on the Draco and Saiga? Obviously the Draco buyers will have to wait for the tax stamp transfer as well.
-Attero Arms (AA): The Attero AK SBR can actually be created and ready to go in about 2 weeks. Yes, the buyer must wait for their tax stamp transfer, but the weapon can be completed far in advance. The Attero S-12 can be shipped out approximately 1.5 - 2 weeks from ordering as well.

-(Me): Are your mounts currently shipping?
-(AA): We are currently shipping the Attero AK Micro Optics Mount.

-(Me): Any plans to add protective "ears" or "roll cage" like the Burris upgraded mount or the LaRue AK Iron Dot?
-(AA): We have considered the protective ears, but it will raise the cost of the mount and detract from the no-snag profile. Right now we are trying to keep it simple.

-(Me): I'm sure your mount is going to be compared to the LaRue Iron Dot which was liked but most usually felt like it was limited by the original Fast Fire and the Fast Fire II should fix some of those problems. Do you have any thoughts on what sets your product apart from LaRue's discontinued one? It looks like it shouldn't effect take down that much, correct (the dust cover can be popped off with out removing the mount)?
-(AA): What sets our product apart from LaRue's? First, LaRue didn't have very good replacement BUIS (Back Up Iron Sights) on their mounts. Second, it forced you to use a particular optic. Ours works with the three most common micro optics which can be found on our website in the description for the mount. Our mounts are also shorter in length, so take down and cleaning is even easier.

-(Me): Does each mount support all three optics or do you have to get a new one each time?
-(AA): Each mount supports all three optics. (Burris Fast Fire II, Leupold Deltadot, Trijicon RMR)

-(Me): Do you have a lot in stock from this first run or it is a on individual demand basis?
-(AA): We have enough mounts in stock to fuel what has been the consistent demand, but order volume is increasing, so we will be increasing our production.

-(Me): Comments on the apparent Guerrilla Marketing campaign by Twisterx44 on the gunboards? What is Twisterx44's relationship to the Attero Arms?
-(AA): We have been notified of the apparent marketing attempt by that user, however we have absolutely no affiliation with 'Twisterx44'. We may take steps to contact the board administrators to notify them that this was not an Attero Arms endorsed action. The problem is locating all of the boards that were posted on - there seem to be a lot. Twisterx44 has no relation to Attero Arms other than they were one of the first customers to purchase our SBR.

Interview via email with Nate of the Attero Arms Sales Team,

According to their website, Attero Arms holds a Type 7 FFL as well as a Class 2 SOT, issued by the BATF.

Twisterx44 was accused of guerrilla marketing by several board Admins with his review of Attero Arms SBR awith their mount.

EDIT: Statement from Twisterx44: "I wanted to clear the air with everybody here because I think I have been misunderstood slightly. I know I have been on other forums.

I posted a review of an SBR I finally got on this forum. I also posted my review on many other gun forums. My main reason for doing this was to show off my new toy, but one of the products my SBR came equipped with was a replacement for the Larue AK IronDot mount that I know everybody has been looking for since Larue discontinued them. I figured just about anybody with an AK would want to see it. Unfortunately, I got mislabeled as a 'guerilla marketer' which I had never heard of before, but on this forum and a few others I was accused of having an affiliation with the company that made my SBR.

I want to clear the air with that. I have no connection to them, I was just sharing my new gun. "

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