Monday, July 25, 2011

US Palm Fanboy updates

What's a blog reboot without an US Palm Fanboy update. Now I know how the AR guys feel about Magpul.

Magazine Rebuild kit-FWIW, I like their regular mags a lot. This could be a good option to add 922r parts to your steel mags or of course fix worn out ones. I'll be very interested to see their floorplate design since regular AK30 mags don't have a traditional floorplate.

rEvolution package- Consists of AK30 magazine(s), AKTR railed handguard, AKBG grip (which is awesome!) and AKES enhanced Safety (Krebs style execept no cold range bolt hold open notch and tab is riveted on). Looks interesting, I could skip the AKES though these days, but would have liked it a lot a few years ago. I really need to get on board with one of their handguards built under a partnership with Midwest industries. They offer several different top handguards to allow cowitness with most of the common red dot out there (Vortex Sparc and maybe one of the Mini red dots do not cowitness) . Kinda disappointed to see the rEvolution package doesn't come with a couple of their rail covers.

They will be releasing their V2 Attack Rack Chest rigs any day now. This generation will have some MOLLE on the sides and offered custom shaped soft armor (no word if the armor will be offered for the V1) AK style and "Multi-platform"

I have one of their V1 Attack Racks and while I'm not big on chest rigs for my purposes, I like it a lot when I need to be tacticool.

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  1. Plastic mag which came with wep did not fit well.
    Tried two good regular AK mags, and one did not fit, had to hammer it out. Front of receiver is just crap, needs rework. Top cover of receicer is bent all to hell. BAD workmanship. But a more expensive Arsenal, or know what to look for in the cheap aks.