Sunday, July 24, 2011

Military Arms YouTube Golden Tiger review

Speaking of Lacquer coated, Military Arms has a review of the lacquered Golden Tiger ammo:

I like it for accuracy and so does he. But I'd say right now Golden Tiger on the low end of an import cycle since I'm not seeing it as much at the internet retailers. Atlantic Arms as linked by Sturmgewehre in his video has it in stock, maybe this is part of a new import wave of the stuff.

Also Golden Tiger's terminal ballistics are untested. It has a very large airspace in the nose which would make it want to tumble, but then it has a boat tail which tends to prevent tumbling. I love to see a gel shot of it. but still some of the best target/plinking ammo out there.

Military Arms is definitely a YouTube channel AK fans should be subscribed to, plus he's a Hoosier!

Hat Tip to Matt (the other one) over at Jerking the Trigger, while I subscribe to Military Arms, I saw this first on his Facebook feed.

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