Friday, March 23, 2012

OST Closing Out Kalashnikov Armorer with Jim Fuller

Suarez's One Source tactical is closing out Kalashnikov Armorer with Jim Fuller.  Get 'em while you still can!  While it is a smoking hot deal on a great DVD from a great AK gunsmith, it does mark the end of Suarez's relationship with Fuller's Rifle Dynamics.


  1. I was planning on checking out Fuller's new dvd, and he says the new one is more detailed with higher production values, but that is a great deal. How detailed is One Source's dvd?

  2. It is an Armorer's DVD. The most advanced stuff in it is bolt disassembly and front sight cant fixes. Pantaeo will do a great version with Jim, I'm sure. I don't know how much more advanced you can go at Armorer level, but it should at least be updated for the current AK market.

  3. Unfortunately I purchased this at full price. Even @ $12 I would skip it and wait for the new one. Anyone know why the falling out between Fuller & Suarez?

  4. Yeah, OST is selling rifles now.

  5. There was no "falling out" Gabe has been my friend for many years and i still concider him that way, since he wanted to get into the rifle business it was best for us to seperate business entities. We wish Gabe and TSD the best with thier new line of rifles.
    Jim Fuller

    1. Jim, you are a CLASSY guy.

      Now for the truth...

  6. Thanks Jim, good to hear! Can't wait for the new video as well. I can personally say that Gabe is a fair guy.