Thursday, March 8, 2012

M10-22 and AKT98 Side by Side Comparison

Again, sorry for my crappy photography. Top: M10-22 Bottom: AKT98

Top: M10-22 Bottom: AKT98, looks like the previous owner of my AKT98 profiled the hammer some.

 For the rest of the pictures the M10-22 parts are left, AKT98 are right.


  1. Your AKT is missing Original Furniture ,hope you kept it as its almost unobtainable .

  2. It was like that when I bought it used and I never found a set before I sold it.

  3. Mine too (One of my two AKT-98s had a Romanian Wire Sidefolder ) I looked for years and a complete Furniture set (Stock/hardware and HGs finally came up on Gunbroker and I purchased those) .