Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fleeting Survival's M10 Conclusion and Start of the Arsenal

The rest of the story on the lemon M10-545 and start of the Arsenal Saiga saga.  Again, Atlantic comes through on the customer service side!

I see it both ways in this case.  My M10 has been fine and would recommend it to those that want a more budget minded gun that could save you money in the long run due to the upgrades like the Hogue grip and RPK rear sights.  However, well done Saigas are almost always going to be great!  If it wasn't for the interest shown in the M10 by the visits to this site series, as a more "seasoned" (or maybe snob) AK owner I may not have tried it out and stayed a little more higher end.  Now I'm glad I did give the M10-545 a chance.  It is a decent rifle out of the box for me and will be much better with a few little DIY tweaks.

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