Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pictures of another AK30 with cracked feedlips

Here at via (haven't went over there yet to find this thread)

Interesting, like to hear the whole story but can't find the original post and it sounds like the guy who put it up at didn't know either. I spent part of the week explaining why the AK30 current website copy wasn't false advertising and had a full circumference metal cage in the top of the mag for lugs.

I'm not giving up on the Ak30 yet, but right now I want more info.

EDIT: More info is in that thread now, apparently it was two members with two different mags at a Tactical Response class. Also there is another thread at WarriorTalk. It may just be a squabble to discredit US PALM which is what Gabe Suarez believes. If you care about the drama behind it there is a thread at that goes lightly into the details. Not being news so to speak, I'm not putting that here. I'm going to continue to keep my AK30s loaded and ready to go.

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