Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hornady 5.45x39 V-Max Delayed

After going past the 4/1/10 arrival date, MidwayUSA updated the arrival date of this load to 7/23/10.

I've been waiting for the 60 gr. Hornady steel cased with a V-Max bullet to come out for awhile now. Honestly, the promise of that load was the tipping point for me to actually get a 5.45x39 rifle. I figured at with that load it would be a good "urban" load similar to their TAPs ammo and the AK74 would become my home defense carbine. I'm still somewhat hesitant to use the 7.62x39 V-Max load in my 1950s subdivision. I'm just as hesistant to use the MilSurp 5.45x39 since the bullet holds together so well.

Well it looks like I'll be waiting a little longer to transition to that AK74. I might try to do a 7.62x39 vs. 5.45x39 test in late Spring/Early Summer similar to the one over at 230 Grain:

(I'll edit for links later, I'm on my iPhone with this aweful Blogwriter app, and it slows me down enough to where I won't be able to get them in before my wife is ready to leave for Easter Service!)


  1. I saw some vmax at 7.62x39 at Cabelas on sale and was tempted to pick up a box. How are they? I think I'm might just load up on soft points they are cheaper.

  2. It is loaded a little light, like 2150-2200 fps out of a 16" barrel. They are Russian steel case with the rest of components Hornady's including the .310" bullet. Graff and Sons and another company that I can't recall right now make more expensive brass ammo that is loaded hotter.
    I want to test them because I'm not sure how the extra weight and lower speed might make them stay together and penetrate more walls compared to the 5.56 even though the 7.62x39 V-Max would fragment a lot. The 5.45 is ballistically similar to the 5.56 but the bullet construction is more robust and rarely fragments.

  3. I'm also waiting for this ammo to come. The surplus ammo available is great for plinking and there are other selections in FMJ, but if this caliber is going to really take off in the civilian market (and it has a tremendous potencial) we need more options as far as HP, SP or home defense applications.

  4. I bought 500 rounds from Graf Ive killed 4 deer with it and it works great. I have three bolt action rifles in this caliber as well as 2 sks and an ak47 Its very accurate out of all of them.