Saturday, April 3, 2010

US Palm Website Relaunched

After a good April Fools' joke of a Skorpion mag (with one color choice of what seems to be everybody's favorite of Okra), late last night/early this morning US PALM's website was relaunched.

The website is now up, but it is a little thin. At least we have a clear shot of the AK30, Attack Rack chest rig, Defender Plate (with some more info on it with MSRP), and their unannounced stock mag pouch/comb riser which doesn't appear to have an AK mag in it. I can't tell if it is AR or M14, I believe it is M14/M1A since I think I make out a Springfield Armory mark on the butt plate. Good to see that US PALM may be branching out of the AK market, but I hope they do an AK stock mag pouch as well.

I'm a little disappointed that the Defend doesn't seem to come without armor. I have some IIIA level plate backers that I was planning on dropping in, which it sounds like they are already including for $200ish (although PALM points out that plate backer size panels can't be advertised as IIIA since it doesn't met the NIJ coverage amount to be officially that level).

The Attack Rack is available for preorder at One Source Tactical. Whatever you think of the AK30 and it's polymer, I think everyone will agree that the Attack Rack should be a great piece of kit since it has very AK specific mag pouches (including a wear strip on the lug side of the pouches to increase durability, nice touch). But they are continuing their no OD or foliage with at least the first batch. Only Black, coyote brown, desert tan, and Multicam are available. I know these guys are from Arizona and those colors make sense there along with the most military contracts wanting those colors currently. But out here in the Mid-west I prefer a green shade.

I hope they make some of those AK pouches in MOLLE for those of us that use the system. Emdom is suppose to make some good ones, but US PALM would seem to have some nice touches if they go for a MOLLE pouch and you like shingle style pouches.

I most admit, although you may have already noticed, I've crossed into Fanboy territory with the US PALM stuff. Now I know how all those Magpul AR fanboys feel. I'm pretty jealous of Tim's US PALM care package they sent him with the patches and sticker. I hope those are available soon

For something different, I'm going to post up a "family picture" of my AKs and stuff later this weekend.

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