Monday, May 3, 2010

5.45x39 Custom loads- Frangible, Soft Point, and Incendiary

As I discussed about the V-Max delay (which Hornady has confirmed that it won't be produced until July), 5.45x39 is pretty limited because FMJ is common in surplus and a lot of the commercial hollowpoint doesn't actually expand, although there is a report that by looking a bullet construction by "Jack-O' that the Barnaul Hollowpoint and Wolf Military Classic 70 grain loads may fragment/expand (no gel tests yet).

Clark Custom Cartridge is offering frangible 55 grain and soft point 70 grain ammo, along with a incendiary load (those aren't my cup of tea though). They also have some interesting expanding options for 7.62x54r. I'm trading emails with Chris Clark now to get more info.

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