Thursday, May 27, 2010

AK200 Annouced

Izhmash has officially shown the AK200. It looks familiar and relatively evolutionary in design. The Firearm Blog and a few others have posted pictures of the prototype previously and the new design looks to have a few different features than the prototype. The main improvements seem the be rails, furniture, and the rear sight. It also shows that the AK107/8 looks to be a dead branch in the family. Those rifles were designed with a dual gas piston with one moving forward to counteract recoil which was added as a way for the AK series to compete with the AN94's recoil reduction system.

One thing that is common in the prototype and show rifle is the quad stack 60 round mags that look like they may be finally going into full scale production!

Big hattip to The Firearm Blog and SayUncle for reporting this!

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