Tuesday, May 25, 2010

US Palm updates website

US Palm now has an up to date website featuring almost all of their announced products, what looks to be a partnership with Sneaky bags, and a few new/have to be big US Palm fanboy to know about (like their shotgun that as far as I can tell has only been discussed on their tumblr page).

There is more a lot info on soon to be release products like the AK grip that does have a storage compartment (I was somewhat on the fence on buying one if it didn't).


  1. the shotgun is also for sale on the sgcusa website. http://sgcusa.com/Shotguns-SGC/c86_251/index.html?osCsid=9c5e83d4785d9d99e92065bd8da7f28f

  2. Thanks Tim! How long has it been up there?