Thursday, April 5, 2012

TSD Spartan Kalashnikov

TSD has announced their Spartan Kalashnikov.  It is somewhat a first in the AK world in that it has a low, level, nearly complete top rail due to the TWS Top Cover and TWS Handguards.  While that is exactly what the handguards were designed to do, it is interesting to see an AK finally with both components. Someone has probably combined these two already on an individual basis but it is the first rifle being sold this way.  It could allow some interesting combinations not easily done before, like red dot magnifiers and night vision monoculars. Base rifle is a Saiga and the folding stock is a Polish Beryl. An AAC flash hider is used, which is permanently attached for some reason, maybe lack of plunger pin.  List price is $1500.

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