Saturday, April 7, 2012

CNC Warrior and Bonesteel Arms folding M4 stock hinge

Bonesteel Arms and CNC Warrior are starting to sell their side folding mechanism that looks very similar to the TSD Combat Systems'.  It is available with or without the mil-spec buffer tube.  You have to provide the stock.  Of course putting an M4 style stock on an AK is one of the worst things you can do for an AK purist, but if you like the adjustable length of pull and other things it provides this looks to be a really good option.

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  1. I got one of these and they are excellent. They are the same as the OST ones and they have the added benefit of having the attached tube which I would assume is lighter then getting a tube and castle nut, the total weight is only 11oz. Bonesteel also gives you the option to fold left and the OST would only fold right. It will change the manual of arms for the AK but you will get a far better cheek weld with a magpul CTR with a riser which I think is one of the ergonomic failing of the AK platform, especially if you are using optics.