Thursday, April 5, 2012

Atlantic Firearms has a couple of cool new products

These have been available for a little while, finally got a chance to post about them.

First up is the HellPup Pistol, this is an extension of IO Inc's HellHound series, which is very similar to M+M's M10 series.  Their Pistol is basically a Draco pistol with a railed plastic handguard and Phantom style flashhider.  One other unique feature is a rail on the back of the receiver.  This would  make a picatinny sling attach point very easy to add now.  In the past you had to drill and tap a sling stud in or a sling plate.  I generally don't like sling attachment plates on my rifle AKs but my Draco pistol does have a Parallax Tactical VM-1, which I do think is very solid.

In general, there is a big debate about pistol AKs and if they are useful or not.  I keep mine around somewhat as a toy but also a practical reason is here in Indiana it is the only way I could dear hunt with an AK (haven't yet, but want to).  However, Draco pistols have been very spotty on their importation lately so while the HellPup lists more than a standard Draco does at $650, it still might be a good option if you are looking to get an AK pistol or base for a SBR project.

Another cool product that isn't exactly an AK, but too cool to not drool over in my book is a DSA tacticool Semi-Auto RPD.  At $2500 it is far out of my price range, but still very unique.  Atlantic Firearms always some of the widest ranges of products.


  1. Did you ever get to remove your M-10 brake?

  2. No but haven't really tried anymore on the 5.45, since it has finally grown on me. Have you been able to? It comes off just fine on my M10-22 which is a blast.

  3. I didn't try, but I did fit it up with a set of bakelite in orange to get a nice retro look. All fit with very little (not unusual) sanding.