Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Travis Haley's Adaptive Kalash

Magpul co-founder and former CEO, Travis Haley's new AK instructional DVD, Adaptive Kalash, seems to be off pre-order and closer to being available (although it is still out of sotck at Brownells). For those of you that like his and Costa's Magpul stuff, it will probably be a must see. It is on my list of things to checkout and will probably have some great stuff, but I must admit if I was going recommend only one AK instructional DVD to buy, it would be Sonny Puzikas' Beyond the Firearm 2. For the price you get almost 3 hours of great basic to advanced AK work. After that, the Suarez series of AK DVDs are great too. But it will be fun to see Haley's take on the AK for sure since he comes from a totally different background.

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