Sunday, January 29, 2012

Gunwebsites' M10-762 Video

The M10-762 interest has resulted in a lot of hits here. This video is with the importer, Colorado Guns (although IO Inc is importing their own version). They do point out it is not a WASR, however I think that is a little bit of splitting a hair on one point. It looks to use the same base receiver that WASR does, however Colorado Guns does CNC out the mag well to double stack which should be an improvement over Century's methods. Also being a smaller shop they should have good attention to detail. Happy to see they will offer the Hogue forend on it, I like the one that I have on my Draco Carbine. I need to get some more trigger time on it though to see how the heat shield does before I post a full review. The news that a wire folder will be available plus some extra folders to buy for aftermarket is good to hear as well.

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