Sunday, January 15, 2012

More Bumpski Bumpfire stock info

I saw the Bumpski guys today at the gun show and must say I'm really impressed with their work, especially when compared to the Slidefire AK stock.

I don't know if everybody will think the upgrades will be worth the extra $150 for the Bumpski, but I'm now a believer. I think I'm over my worries of hammer follow causing an OOB, now for me it is mostly a cost issue (ammo and stock). Comparing the two, the Bumpski is much more robust than the Slidefire and allows for use of what ever AK grip you prefer. Like the Slidefire, it allows you to lock out the bumpfire movement, but with three different positions similar to how an M4 stock works. On minor downside, is that both stocks are going to stop you from using your off shoulder if needs be, for now.

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  1. Thanks AK Matt, The bumpfire concept is not for everyone nor should it be, but for the folks who have bought a BUMPSKI feedback has been positive.I was looking for a bumpfire stock when I came across the BUMPSKI, was so impressed that we became a dealer,[] With the DEFENDAR15 stock for the AR's coming out soon the bumpfire stock debate will really heat up