Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tapco Smooth Side 7.62x39 magazines at retailers now

I'm starting to see Tapco's new magazine, a smooth side version for those that don't like their aggressive texture but still like their magazines overall.  Definitely has a more traditional look.

So if you like Tapco but not the look of their mags, this might be a good option for you.  If you don't watch out for these magazines since you might have to do a double take to separate them from surplus magazines.  They look more traditional for sure, I just wonder why they went with the more 5.45x39 style front ribs (granted 7.62x39 Polish Radom and rare AK-103 mags have them too).  The floorplate area is still a little bulky as well.  Available colors are orange "bakelite," flat dark earth, and black (it looks like Tapco may have dropped olive drab from there AK products).  MSRP is $15

One thing about there description gets me, "Designed in the spirit of the original Bulgarian steel magazine for use with the AK-47."  LOL, again looks more like a Polish Radom mag.  If anything the AK-103 style is more like the original Russian steel magazine with its lengthwise ribs.  Honestly though, I have given Tapco mags a little more of a chance now. I bought a few for range use in 5.45x39 due to the current shortage and to have for a reference.  I also have a single 7.62x39 one that I got in a package deal.  I do think for a lot of people, they can make sense for cheap range use as surplus mags start to dry up on the retail market, but they still aren't up to the standard of ((10))  <(how the cool AK kids are typing Circle 10 these days) waffles or East German bakelite, my current 5.45x39 magazines.  Also cruising the for sale section of various gun message boards can net you a lot of good surplus mag deals.


  1. They need to make these smooth-side magazines in 5.45 and 5.56. Their current offerings in these calibers are still ugly as hell.

    I just ordered two of these mags. I hope they work out well. I really like the design. They would look great in an SGL-21 or fully converted Saiga 7.62x39.

  2. i picked up two these from copes. love them. no feed problems, sanded the edges up a bit so as not to catch on my gear and make them a little easier on the grab. flat bottom on the mag made it easier to put magpul loops on the bottoms too.