Monday, February 6, 2012

What big review to do next Bleg

I'm hoping you guys can light up the comments a little, please!  I'm on the fence with a couple different options on what big review to do next, each one has a lot of interest to me but has its own cons.  Help me get off the fence, what would you most like to see:

1.  A Review of a M10 rifle, most likely the newly released 5.45x39 version, I'd go for one with a Hogue handguard if available.  The original post the one with the most hits here so I would like to give those finding this place first hand information. However, since I don't get to shoot my centerfire AKs that much, I'll be splitting limited range time with yet another AK means they all end up sitting a little more besides for the new one.   

2.  A review of the Midwest Industries AK-SS handguard with a Primary Arms Micro red dot.  I was all about this rail when it was announced but now I'm not as hot about it now since without the rails it looks like the receiver will have some exposed corners where it meets the handguard.  Minor detail I know, but it just bothers me for some reason. 

3. Comparison of the RS Regulate and Midwest Industries 30mm Side mounts.  Problem with this is that I have a lot of side mounts already and not all my AKs have side rails.

4. Something else (in the same budget range)?  

I would have also listed the US Palm quad stack or a training class.  But the US Palm quad stacks won't be available to later in the year since they are still prototypes and the local training class I want to take is in September and I can't afford to travel to one before then.

I by no means guarantee that I will follow your advice, follow the majority vote, etc., or even do any of these in the long run if "Real Life"(TM) happens, but I would still like to hear what you want.  Thanks!


  1. Had you posted this last week, I would have voted for the M10 as I was considering them. But I just ordered a Saiga conversion from RD, so I'm not interested in the side mounts or Midwest handguard. Perhaps you could coordinate with Sturmgewehr, as both of you do reviews and neither of you have unlimited resources.

  2. Thanks for the reply. I've been in contact off and on with Sturmgewehre and even though he is a Hoosier too, there would be logistic issues at the minimum. Part of the reason I didn't list a Bump fire stock is because he is doing a great job with those right now. But in the long run, I agree, I would like to work with him more.

    Speaking of Saiga conversions, I could do a DIY one on a .223 or 5.45x39 but I figure there is plenty of that kind of info out there already (plus on yours RD will do an awesome job on yours, but maybe somebody else is interested).

    Is RD putting an Ultimak or something else on or are you just not interested in putting an optic on it right now?

  3. I vote for the M10, I am interested in the one from IO since they are close.

  4. I'm holding off on the optic for two reasons. First, I'm still very new to the AK, and I'd like to learn the system 'the hard way' before I start adding shortcuts. Once I feel comfortable with it, I definitely want to save up for a quality optic.

    The second reason is my budget. I can't swing an optic at this point, and if I can't do that there's not much use in spending extra for railed handguards or topcovers yet. I want to get some good training and a decent ammo reserve built up, so the hardware will have to wait until I've got my software installed properly.

  5. Secesh,
    Vote for an IO M10 (Hellhound) duly noted. Honestly, I have more need for a 5.45x39 than I do for a M10 in 7.62x39.

    I agree with your reasons, I was curious. I too have been doing an "iron sights revival" recently. I really like the AK iron sights when you file the rear out to about .08"-.10". I also paint my front sight with blaze orange then long lasting, high quality glow in the dark paint. But I was thinking it is about time for me to get back into the red dot pool.

  6. I think you might me limiting yourself by only doing "in your hand" reviews. You could also do the community a service by creating a review by accumulating information on a particular item (my vote M10) and organizing it into a format that creates a comparison/contrast. In this way you could compare several companies M10's, or whatever, comment on different elements such as fit and finish and give the number of people voting and their rating. We will never get an M10 rating from Amazon so they have left you a nitch. Fill it.

  7. Thanks Johnboatcat,
    Good point. My grip guide was kinda that way. I've only owned about 1/2 of all the AK grips offered out there now. I also have a link page on the M10 from early on but that could be updated. Sometimes I still feel like I need to get real world experience with a product. That way I can get my personal view and have primary research. But you are right, there is no reason I can't do a clearing house of sorts for information. I'll work on that because I've seen a few Youtube on the M10 that could be linked here and a few updated message boards.

    Right now I'm leaning towards the M10-545 and M10-22. The 5.45 is new so could use more info out there on it. The M10-22 doesn't seem to have that much good information out there and since I've owned an Armscor AK-22 and will keep my AKT98 for as long as I can, it seems like a good thing to get and do some comparison.