Thursday, March 11, 2010

US Palm Stuff

One Source tactical has some AK30s in Flat Dark Earth.

I'm holding out for some Foliage Green that Gabe Suarez has hinted at, although it isn't on the AK30 packaging as possible colors (which is Black, FDE, and Bakelite). Flat Dark Earth IMO isn't the best choice for my midwest location. now has the black AK30s in stock and the look to have a foliage Ak30 on their AK30 banner EDIT: According to Rob Anderson this was just a lighting/photoshop effect, both mags are actually black. It seems that if foliage is in the works it is very far on the back burner if at all. Bakelite is the next color up. I must admit their FDE is more dark earth than others sandy tan FDE so it might still be a good choice here. They also say that they might be producing some 5.45 mags torwards the end of the year but right now they are trying to service military contracts that are mostly 7.62x39.

Also US Palm's website is being redone and will relaunch April 2. If you look through the transparent announcement they seem to have a stock mag pouch, the Attack Rack AK chest rig, and what looks to be a plate carrier rig.

Also Gabe Suarez has a preview picture of their grip:
Even I with medium hands find the regular AK grips thin so this could be a great option. While I've come to really like the Tapco SAW grips in the past, I might need to give the US Palm and the Hogue's a try.



    here is a pic of the FDE.

  2. Thanks, saw them over at WT too! I think I'm going order one or two just to have.