Thursday, March 11, 2010

New AK74

Sorry for the slow posts lately! I got a new Bulgarian kit on NDS-2 AK74 in my arsenal. It was one of those blow out deals that Centerfire Systems was offering for $350 shipped! BTW, it is featured as the first article in the new Guns & Ammo Complete Book of the AK.

The Nodak NDS-2 seems to be good quality albeit no frills. The other 922r parts it has the Tapco G2 FCG, Century pistol grip, and Tapco stock.

I can't tell if Century's handguard that looks like a polymer version of Yugo handguards is U.S. or not. If it was I would change out the stock for a Polish wire folder today, but it looks like I'll have to wait on a U.S. handguard for that.

It did come with surplus Circle 21 and Circle Ten mags.

The gas piston is very clean but not U.S. marked. The brake seems to be original with zig zag cuts and side ports on it (IIRC most U.S. 74 brakes don't have those details). The crown is clean under the brake as well. It os a parts gun without matching serial numbers. Overall for a second string, first time 5.45x39 rifle it should be a great purchase pending a round at the range.

As long as it shoots ok I should be very happy with the purchase. It is much nicer than my WASR10/63, which I'm selling to offset the cost of this rifle. BTW, the WASR had version 2 of that horrid paint job in the banner of this site that looked only marginally better (it was my first Krylon job). My MAK90 now has a pretty good OD base with black furniture that looks much better. But since I'm looking to sell the WASR the paint job must go. One reason A lot of people recommend Krylon over Duracoat etc. since it can "easily" be removed. I would say that yes, a lot of the paint comes off easily but there are a lot of places I've had to go at with a toothbrush to remove and it's NOT easy or quick. I'll only be painting my "keeper" rifles from now on.

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