Monday, September 24, 2012

Damage Industries' V2 AK Handguard

You may remember they did a first generation of this railed handguard that was mostly available at Tactical Response.   I really liked the side rails up on the gas tube along with the pretty smooth and slim lower handguard.  This one will be even better since it has the movable side rails and should be lighter.  In general, Damage Industries doing some amazing stuff for other platforms, and already have some neat AK stuff like high quality US made springs and a flash hider I hope to review when I finally get a chance to do some night shooting with a collection of AK muzzle devices. 

Release from Damage Industries:
"Here's a sneak peek at the Damage Industries modular forearm rail assembly for the AK-47 platform.

Retail $159.95

Add-ons (not pictured) will include 7-slot accessory rail, 7-slot accessory rail with Quick-Detach socket, and cantilever optic rail that will not block use of standard fixed sights.

Variations will be available for RPK's, Yugoslavian AK-47's, and short-barreled Draco's and Krink's

Available hardcoat annodized in black, FDE, OD green and hard brown.

Shipping soon, so follow us for more details!"

They also have some more pictures up on their Facebook page.  Shows the rails down on the lower handguard as well.


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  2. Wow! I think this is a must have for my AK!

  3. Wow! I think this is a must have for my AK!