Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Yugo PAP M92PV 7.62x39 Pistol starting to trickle in

So far I've only seen this in an email announcement at one retailer that already sold out, but it could be a very interesting Draco competitor/replacement if it makes it into the country in bigger numbers. Also it would make a very nice M92 conversion project for an SBR. Has the hinged upper dust cover like a Krinkov/Suchka/M92. I don't know if it has an underfolder trunnion like a Draco-C and if the muzzle has a shroud over the threads which could be 26mm if it is true to the M92, but if it does it would be a easy project.


  1. Just got one this weekend. The price varies wildly (from $559 to $699) at the same gun show. It does have the shroud over the threads and yes it is the 26mm type. As far as the rear trunnion, there is nothing there. I'm probably going to use an ACE type of stock when I SBR it.

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