Thursday, June 28, 2012

Butler Creek AK LULA Loader/Unloader

I had always looked at these a somewhat unnecessary luxury since AK magazines are generally not hard to load.  I had heard they were great in general so I recently splurged and got one.  If you have AK magazines, treat yourself to one!!! (and probably another kind of magazines you own as well since they make multiple models). So far they have worked with every kind and caliber of AK magazines that I have thrown at it, from US Palm AK30s to Circle 10 5.56x45.  They make loading quick and painless, and they make unloading amazingly fast and much easier!  As I said, loading AK magazines isn't that hard, but this makes it child's play. I could definitely pop one of these on a mag at the range and give it to a new shooter and they would be able to to load without any problems, which is why I'll be getting another so I can have a buddy load quickly too.  Overall it is a pretty ingenious design, the lever even collapses into the body for easier storage.  I also plan on getting their large and small pistol magazine LULAs now.


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