Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Firearm Blog shows the AK-12 and the an Interesting Draco addon

Steve at The Firearm Blog had a couple interesting AK posts this week. First was the AK-12, an updated version of the 5th Generation AK-200. It will be the AK-12 since it will go into production next year. I'm not too excited because it may end up and be Vaporware, espeically since earlier in the year Russia annouced that they had too many AKs already. Also, it will take awhile for some of the features to trickle down into U.S. imported guns, if at all. However, it is interesting to see how Russia wants to update the platform and it would be nice to see them go into large scale production on the 60 round quad stack mags and some of them make it over here so they don't command nearly $1000 on Gunbroker.

The other interesting post was on Center Balanced Systems' Draco Pistol modification. At first glance it turns the Draco into an SBR Bullpup, but it is actually still classified as a handgun by the ATF in a letter due to the fact that is only designed to be used with one hand. I am considering getting one for my Draco that is still a pistol.

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