Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kmanator's AK stocks (and other stuff)

This past weekend I discovered Kmanator's stocks at his eBay store, but he has been selling his unique creations on a few AK message boards for awhile now.

These steel stocks may not be the most practical since they can run slightly heavier than a wood version, but they definitely are cool!  The Zombie Battle Axe stock is mean and nasty, and available with several designs like this skull and crossbones and a biohazard symbol. However, the "edge" is really just a bevel for safety (a good choice in my book).  He also has a few cutout stocks that are less apocalyptic, but still make a statement.

For that extra ComBloc statement, these are currently being redesigned to add a star .
He has a lot of great stuff at his eBay store as well, like metal signs and banana hangers shaped like AKs.  Overall, pure fun items; sometimes we get wrapped around the serious aspects and forget that shooting is fun too.  Kmanator's stocks also won't break the bank at just over $40 each.


  1. Those are pretty sexy stocks!

  2. Who makes the hand guards on that rifle? The entire set up is great!

  3. I believe the upper is his, the lower is a Romanian wood that has been drilled.

  4. wow its perfect for a zombie apocalipsis